Vena Energy manages the development, design, procurement, construction management and operation of all its projects. The centralisation of equipment procurement and construction management functions, together with deep local knowledge, allows Vena Energy to better manage risk and has positioned the company as one of the most cost-effective operators of renewable energy across the region.

Why Choose Vena Energy

  • Strong buying and supplier contracting power allows us to offer extremely competitive pricing
  • Strong credit and financial backing mitigate project risk
  • Multi-functional global team of experienced and solutions-focused development, construction and operational professionals

Project Development

In every market in which we operate, Vena Energy aims to be the leading local developer.

Vena Energy is capable of developing projects in-house, from initial concept through to construction. Local management teams provide expertise in origination, development, land acquisition, grid assessment, permitting, system design and investment feasibility.

Vena Energy utilises the most advanced technologies throughout its project development and management processes to ensure the highest energy generation yields and most cost-efficient O&M services.

Operation & Maintenance

Vena Energy’s Operations and Maintenance Services (O&M) leverage our geography- and sector-specific expertise across the region to maximize operational performance, reduce downtime and mitigate risk.

Vena Energy O&M includes industry-standard O&M services, reporting, monitoring, and in-country and cross-regional data analysis.

Vena Energy tracks project operations from a regional monitoring facility in Bangalore and local monitoring facilities that provide immediate information regarding plant performance. Vena Energy operations teams also undertake data analysis to identify operating efficiencies that can be implemented across the region.

Additionally, Vena Energy differentiates us from third party O&M contractors in our responsiveness to issues to avoid loss of revenue, and our maintenance of spare parts inventories, which provide the money-saving benefits of pooling and scale.


Vena Energy develops and operates renewable energy projects for corporations that want predictable energy costs, mitigated risk and economies of scale.

Our geographic reach, combined with our experience across all renewable energy platforms, allows us to deliver efficient regional solutions that meet client requirements for direct access, physical and virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs), as well as green energy certificates.





  • Long-term price certainty that more appropriately reflects wholesale electricity charges
  • Decreasing (or eliminating) retail charges
  • Decreasing (or eliminating) environmental charges, including margins charged by retailers for procuring LGCs
  • In behind-the-meter projects, decreasing (or eliminating) network charges
  • Hedging future electricity price increases and carbon pricing risk
  • Access to Large Generation Certificates (LGCs) and other green credits/products
  • Progress toward sustainability objectives and reduced greenhouse emissions